Thursday, October 21, 2010

AlernaVites-Quick Melting Multivitamin and Mineral Crystals

Fall is here and it is time to start thinking about ways to stay healthy as the weather changes. During the Fall and Winter Season it seems like my children are always bringing home some new virus from school! Mom usually catches everything, but this year I'm making sure I am on top of my game using a daily Multivitamin supplement.

So what is AlternaVites?

AlternaVites is a all new dietary supplement that helps you get the daily recommendation of vitamins and minerals. AlternaVites come in a crystal or powdered form that you simply put on your tongue and disolve. This product was specifically made for people who have a hard time swallowing pills.

Unlike typical vitamins that may be hard to swallow, alternaVites is easy to take!

*Melts in your mouth
*Delicious with no after taste
*No water or preparation necessary
*Perfect for those on the go
*No artificial colors or preservatives
*Contains no animal products or by-products
*0 grams of sugar

AlternaVites come in a box of 30 individually wrapped servings. Each packet is your daily dose. The little packets are perfect to carry in a purse to take on the go.

AlternaVites are easy to take!
When you are ready to take your daily dose of AlternaVites you simply tear open the package and pour the desired amount of crystals on to the middle part of your tongue. Close your mouth letting the crystals disolve and swallow. Repeat untill the entire contents of the packet is consumed!

The taste of AlternaVites is very pleasant. I was afraid it would have a bad taste or after taste but I was pleasantly surprised by the yummy mixed berry flavor. I was happy to find that AlternaVites doesn't have any metallic flavor that other vitamins have.

What are the vitamin and minerals included in AlternaVites?

Here are the Supplement facts taken from

AlternaVites are made for ADULTS only. AlternaVites is not formulated for the use of children so be sure to keep out of reach of children.

I have been using AlternaVites for 2 weeks now and I have seen a improvement in the way I feel. In the morning I have more energy and am ready to go take on the day. I love that its easy to take and fits in my purse to take on the go. I would recommend AlternaVites to anyone looking for a multivitamin that is easy to take.

Interested in trying AlternaVites for yourself? You can also purchase a 30 day supply of AlternaVites on their website for $29.99. Right now you can get a Free Sample of AlternaVites at their website...

You can also follow AlternaVites on Facebook for the latest news and information about their product...


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