Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Little Looster: The Little Lifesaver for Potty Training Moms

Being a potty training mom of a two year old little boy can be a trying task. I have never been a big fan of the little potty seats. I've always taken my boys to use the real potty. My little man is a solid little guy so lifting him on and off the potty began to wear on my back untill I discovered the most fabulous solution in the Little Looster!

The Little Looster is the perfect potty booster!

It fits around the base of your toilet and lets your little one climb up to reach the toilet seat all by themselves! If you have an independent child like mine, you know what a big deal this is! He wants to do it all himself and this is a great tool that lets him do it safely! The Little Looster puts him at the perfect height to do his business without the worry of falling in or keeping his hands on the dirty toilet seat for stability. Since we've started using the Little Looster, my little guy has became more regular with his trips to the restroom and I see full sucess in our near future!

More great features of the Little Looster...

 Made of white plastic, the Little Looster is sturdy but light weight. Being made of plastic it is so easy to wipe down and disinfect which is important to this BizziMommi!

The Little Looster wraps around the toilet so nicely that there is no need to move it when Mom or Dad need to use the loo. I love that I can leave it in place, but when I have guests over we can move it for their convienience.

Another reason to love the Little Looster??? It was designed by a mom and is made in the USA!

Pretty amazing right?

I really wish that I had a Little Looster when I was training my older boys too! I've seen that how much the Little Looster has helped my son build confidence as he learns this important skill! Its amazing to see! I would definitely recommend the Little Looster for any Potty Trainer!

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  1. This would have been so great to have when I was potty training my daughter! It makes so much sense! Way better than a regular step stool!