Monday, June 7, 2010

Wrap-n-Mat Wrap and Pouch Review

My family has been trying to live a greener existence and thanks to the fabulous products I have found, this switch in our lifestyle has been an easy one. I really enjoy using is the Wrap-n-Mat Wrap and the Wrap-n-Mat Pouch. These products make packing lunch fun and easy and these reusable products help cut down on wasted plastic lunch baggies.

I had the opportunity to try the Wrap-n-Mat Wrap and Pouch in their Eco Print. I was excited to see just how these products worked in packing my own lunch.

The Wrap-n-Mat Wrap is perfect for packing a sandwich to take on the go. The material that the wrap is made out of is has a nylon feel on the outside and is covered in plastic on the inside to keep the wrap from getting to dirty. It is easy to fold up around your sandwich and the wrap features a Velcro closure to keep your lunch safe and secure. These amazing wraps come in many prints so you can choose the one you or your child likes best! The Wrap-n-Mat Wrap comes in the original size of 13" x 13" or  the grande size of 14" x 17".

The Wrap-n-Mat Pouch is great for packing your chips or fresh veggies in your lunch bag.  The possibilities are endless!  The Pouch is made of the same type of material as the Wrap with the plastic on the inside too.  The Wrap-n-Mat Pouch is 15" x 16.5" when fully opened and 7" x 7" when folded up and closed with the Velcro closure. The Pouches are available in many different prints that you can coordinate with the Wrap-n-Mat Wrap. Wrap-n-Mat has products perfect for everyone!

So why choose Wrap-n-Mat products? For one, wrap-n-mat products are a great alternative to using disposable plastic baggies everyday. You can use your Wrap-n-Mat products day after day. They are so easy to use and simple to clean too! To wash your wrap or pouch you just hand wash it and let it air dry so that it is ready for the next day. You'll find that the protective plastic covering on the inside of the pouch or wrap keep your from having to wash it often. A daily wipe down works, with a thorough cleaning biweekly works for my family.

One of the things that I love most about the Wrap-n-Mat Pouch and Wrap is that they make your lunch perfectly portable. When you are ready to eat your lunch you just open up your Pouch or wrap and you have a clean eating surface to spread your lunch out on. When you are finished you simply shake your mat out over the trash can, and wipe it off and your ready to go!

The quality of the Wrap-n-Mat products has been evident in my family's use of the example products sent to us. After using them daily for over 3 weeks, these amazing Wraps and Pouches are still like new! I was afraid that eventually the Velcro closure would stop working so well, but it is still in perfect condition! offers great prints on their pouches and wraps and you are sure to find a set that everyone in your family would love! Here are just a few of the available options from their site...




You can even buy sets of  Wrap-n-Mat Wraps and coordinating Mini Pouches for less than $18!

I would definitely recommend the Wrap-n-Mat Pouch and Wrap to anyone who is looking to make a change in the way they use disposables. These wraps and pouches are as easy to use as disposables, but by using these products you save plastics from reach the landfill. Wrap-n-Mat products are affordable for every budget, and in styles that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

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  1. I love everything about these...except handwashing! That may be the one factor that keeps me from trying them. I don't think my family can reuse without washing...the outside could have food stuff on it from the person's hands, etc.

  2. I love the bubblegum one! These would certainly come in handy.

  3. This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! What a great idea!

  4. These look awesome, and they're earth friendly. :) I've been wanting to start using these... now that my daughter's starting Kindergarten in the Fall I may just make the investment.

  5. These look great! I use baggies all the time or a plastic sandwich box which can be bulky. The only thing I wonder about is if the odors are washed out too.

  6. these would totally make lunch time more fun! Maybe my nephews might actually eat the food if they had these!