Monday, June 21, 2010

Yummy Dough Review

I enjoy doing activities with my kids that everyone can participate in. Now that school is out for the summer I am constantly on the look out for fun activities just like this. When I was asked if I would like to try Yummy Dough, I was excited to try this new product out with all my boys!

So what is Yummy Dough? Yummy Dough is edible modeling dough! It's pretty much play-doh that you can eat either raw or after baking your creation! I couldn't wait to get it out and try it, the kids were excited too.

In your box you will get 4 bags of different color Yummy Dough Mix along with a syringe to measure out the water to mix with the powdered mix. I suggest using separate bowls to mix each color. Mixing is dough up is the most difficult part of this product and I would definitely have an adult complete this part before calling the kids in to play. My boys were watching and waiting (not so patiently) while we mixed it up. With my husband mixing 2 colors and I mixing 2 colors we had it ready in about 15 minutes.  After mixing up the dough this is what we had...

Yummy Dough in yellow, green, blue and red! By this time the boys were going crazy, ready to get their hands on the Yummy Dough and start molding their own creations. Each of the bags made a decent amount of dough for the kids to share. I would suggest having a group of up to six kids when sharing one box of Yummy Dough.

                                                                                                             The boys had a blast and it was fun to watch them all be able to have a good time TOGETHER! Sometimes our little guy gets left out which leaves both him and I sad, but with Yummy Dough he got to participate with his brothers and they all had a great time!
SO what does Yummy Dough taste like? I know you are curious... I was! I had to try it to find out! Yummy Dough tastes like sugar cookie dough and if mixed correctly is about the same consistency too. Its not overly sugary, but good none the less. I don't think that I would mixing up a batch to just eat, but my kids liked the taste enough to eat some of their creations. Here are a few of the things that they made...

My kids had a great time with the Yummy Dough! I would recommend this product to parents looking for a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy! I think that this would be a fun rainy day activity or even for a birthday party activity. Have the kids make their own creative cookies and bake them up for them to take home after the party! At about $10 a box it an affordable treat too! My kids aged 2-10 all enjoyed playing with it and I'll bet yours will, too. Kids love to play with clay and its even better when you can eat it raw or bake it too!

There are so many great ideas on things to create with Yummy Dough on their website. They even have an area with patterns, tips and tricks and fun activities for your children to use as they make their own special creations.

What would your kids create with Yummy Dough?

To find out more about this fun family product visit...


  1. Wow. This is a great way to get kids in to crafting and making things for themselves. I never heard about this Yummy Dough before so thanks for the heads up. I might even get it for myself...great share.


  2. he he he, i got it for $5 from the supermarket... going to make some cookies with my brothers and friend today!