Monday, December 20, 2010

BGGG- CrazErasers Series 3 from Fashion Angels Enterprises-Review

If you've been a follower of BizziMommi's blog since the beginning, you know that my family LOVES CRAZERASERS!!!

Since we first discovered Crazerasers at my local Target store, my kids and I have been Crazeraser CRAZY!
If you have never heard of Crazerasers, let me tell you about them. They are the COOLEST erasers ever made! Not only do they come in fun shapes, but they are also puzzles and come apart and can be put back together. Recommended for ages 6+, they are a fun school supply that your child will love to take to school and show off to all their friends! My boys started a Crazeraser Craze at their school when the first series came out! My kids took them to school and the next thing I knew, ALL of the kids were carrying them! Crazerasers come in many shapes and styles for both boys and girls.

I recently found out that Series 3 is now available!

Series 3 of CrazErasers is sold seperately in 12 packs of All New coordinating puzzle erasers. Series 3 fun new designs include Pretty Ponies, Fantastic Farming, Purrfect Kittens and MORE!!!

Fantastic Farming includes a barn, 2 tractors and a wagon full of hay!
L8R SK8R inclues 4 fun skaterboard puzzle erasers!

Blinging Rings includs 4 rings that are completely interchangable!
Smellin' Sweet includes 4 eraser perfume bottles! Perfect for the girlie girl!

Money Money Money includes a piggy bank, stack of coins, credit card sleeve and a roll of cash!
Bowl-o-Rama includes a bowling ball and pin, a bowling bag, a bowling shoe and stinky shoe spray!

Ross and Arielle are two adorable baby puzzle erasers and they come with their own bottles too!
Fashion Designer is perfect for the designing diva! This set includes a sewing machine, pink thread, green thread and a body form for all your fabulous designs!

The Fashion Angels Set includes 4 fashion faces puzzle erasers!
Pretty Ponies includes 4 adorable ponies! Perfect for all the horse and animal lovers in your life!

Purrrfect Kittens includes 4 adorable kitty friend puzzle erasers all in different colors!
Amazing Artist is perfect for the budding Artist! It includes a pallet, a paint brush and two unique canvas!

Crazerasers are perfect for collecting, sharing and trading!
Crazerasers are the PERFECT stocking stuffer! They are available online at and also available at stores near you.

In fact, my local Meijer ad features Crazerasers on sale this week for $2 a pack!

If you want to learn more about CrazErasers and also check out the first and second series, visit...


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