Tuesday, March 23, 2010

B Nature- Organic Clothing for Babies Review

B nature- Organic Clothing for Babies -Going Green and Living Healthy Promotion

While planning for this special Going Green and Living Healthy promotion for my blog, I wanted to present the best quality Green and Organic products in all categories and when it came to quality organic and natural baby clothing B nature Organics was a perfect choice!

B nature offers an adorable selection of top quality baby clothing all made with organic cotton. I recieved their adorable Babies' Organic Cotton Crossover Top in Ivory to review and I love it! This little top is made of 100% organic cotton is so soft. Around the edging of the top is colorful rainbow stitching and there is even the adorable little bee logo on the left side of the top! It is these kind of small simple yet elegant details that make B Nature Organic Baby Clothing timeless and the perfect gift.

B Nature's products are packaged in a beautifully printed box made from 100% recycled paper. I love B nature's green practices!

B Nature offers a great selection of baby products all made from 100% Organic cotton. From outfits to hats and booties to blankets, as well as gift sets you are sure to find beautiful products for your own baby or the perfect gift for any expecting Mom!

If you are looking for adorable Organic Baby Clothing and Accessories or the perfect baby gift check out the selection at B Nature!

For more information about these adorable baby products visit and have a look around!


  1. I love that these products are made from organic cotton.

    Now that I have a 3 month old granddaughter, I have plenty of reasons to shop and help the environment.

  2. These would make adorable baby shower gifts. :-)

  3. Being that I am going in for a C-section on Sept. 7th to have my last child-I have done alot of thinking on how things I want to change this time around.With 10 years seperating to my next youngest alot has changed.

    I have been thinking of making own baby food and anything organic seems to be on my radar so this resource for organic cotton baby clothes is perfect. I am so glad you choose to share your review on it.

    danellejohns at gmail dot com

  4. When you want to something special for your baby you can purchase that type of organic clothes it could be useful for his or i regard you for sharing that.

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