Monday, March 29, 2010

Materne Go Go Squeez Review

I'm finding that eating healthy can be fun for the whole family with great products like Materne Go Go Squeez!

Have you heard of Materne Go Go Squeez?

100% fruit squeezable applesauce for kids on the go!

"Materne GoGo squeeZ" was launched in the US in June 2008 to offer American families the opportunity to enjoy our no spoon, no mess, all natural squeezable applesauce when on the go! Each pouch contains the equivalent of one fruit serving and supports our mission to American consumers: Helping parents feed their kids better foods when they are on the go!"

My family has always loved applesauce, but lets admit it, the little cup or jar is just a bit boring. With Materne Go Go squeeZ you open the cap and eat it straight out of the pouch! Kids love it, and so does this Mommy! Go Go squeeZ has a great taste and I love that its made with 100% fruit and no added sugar.

Materne Go Go squeeZ are a fantastic lunchbox treat that your kids are going to love!

Materne Go Go squeeZ are available in the following fun flavors...

*Apple Apple
*Apple Cinnamon
*Apple Banana
*Apple Peach
*Apple Strawberry

Materne Go Go squeeZ come in packs of four fun pouches and are available at better retailers near you as well as online!

If you are trying to create fun and nutritious eating habits for your kids, give Go Go squeeZ a GO!

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  1. The flavors sound great and I love the no mess no clean-up part! :)

  2. They look weird and fun at the same time. The bottle is a little odd but I'd give it a whirl.

  3. I love the no mess,and I know my little angel would love it. At first to be funny but then in the end she would love it. She loves applesauce. Perfect for in the car on the way home from daycare.....

  4. Huh! It kind of sounds like Go Gurt, but with apple sauce. Along with being great for kids, I think this would be awesome to take to work for lunch, since no spoon necessary.

  5. I would love to try this. I love apples! I love their variety of flavors too.

  6. wow these are a wonderful idea :) i like it!