Sunday, March 28, 2010

TerraCycle Review and BREAKING NEWS!

Have you heard of TerraCycle? I have been a huge fan of all the fabulous things they do to help reuse wrappers and juice pouches that might otherwise make it to the landfill and make some really wonderful products!

I first fell in love with TerraCycle after seeing their adorable bags made out of Upcycled Capri Sun juice pouches...

Pretty great right? You get an amazing product while helping to save the planet!

Well there is big news coming from Terracycle, and I am so excited to help spread the buzz!

Starting April 5th 2010 you'll be able to find TerraCycle products in EVERY Walmart across the nation!

From TerraCycle...

"Starting April 5th, for the entire month of April, about 60 TerraCycle items will be available for purchase in every single Wal-Mart across the country (about 3,500 locations total). Each isle will be set up so that the consumer may purchase one of the food item’s TerraCycle collects the packaging for and then right next to that item on the shelf will be the TerraCycle item that the food item’s waste packaging will be made from. So, for example, there will be a column of boxes of Capri Sun juice pouches and right next to those will be a column of TerraCycle items made from Capri Sun juice pouches. This will be a great way for adults and children to see first hand, the connection between their waste and where it goes."

I was lucky enough to try one of these amazing items that you too will be able to purchase in only a few days! Don't let the term"Upcycled" scare you away. These products are made of quality materials and are built to last. Here just a sneak peek at some of the amazing products you'll be able to purchase at your local Walmart in just a week!
And Yes! These products are made from the wrappers of Skittles! Pretty incredible! Who wouldn't love to carry one of these fun bags to school or work!
There will be a large variety of products available from TerraCycle including....
* Eco Kites- the first ever Delta Kite made with food wrappers. Cookie wrappers, chip bags and candy wrappers are made strong and light to protect your snacks, which makes them an ideal material to make these affordable, fun kites!
*Kids Growing Kit- A gardening kit for kids using upcycled Stoneyfield farms yogurt cups as your little  planting pots and TerraCycle's famous Worm Poop mixed with compost for the growing medium.
*Printed Totes and Wristlets- made with recycled materials showing only the inner silver or white no printed side of the wrappers. These items are printed with fun designs. No one will know that these products are made from upcycled materials until you tell them!
*Notebooks, Folders, Pencil Cases and Journals- TerraCycle makes a large line of school supply type products made from Mars candy wrappers! Stock up now for back to school!
*Accessories Bags- This will include everything from shoulder bags and camera bags to backpacks and lunchboxes. Terracycle uses Capri Sun drink pouches, Mars Candy Wrappers and even Frito Lay wrappers to make these fun products!
TerraCycle also makes some amazing natural cleaners as well as Plant foods and fertilizers. If you have never been to their website its about time for a visit!
Want to join the TerraCycle Movement? Visit the website for more information on how you can upcycle your waste, earn money for your childrens school and help TerraCycle continue to make amazing products!
I hope you'll look for these amazing products at your local Walmart starting next week!


  1. These are so cute and amazing!

  2. They are cute. My son has one of their pencil pouches and loves it!

  3. I am going to have to look for these at my local Walmart. I love the Skittles bag. How Cute!

  4. These bags are neat! I went to the site, and I especially like the 35 mm film bag.

  5. I think my tween and teen granddaughters would love some of these products...I plan to look at Walmart! I hope the prices are consumer friendly!