Monday, May 17, 2010

B-Natal Non-Prescription Vitamin Supplement for Morning Sickness-Review/Giveaway

Battling morning sickness is horrible! As you adjust to your body experiencing the changes of pregnancy, many women start to get that lovely nauseous feeling that is referred to Morning Sickness. Don't let that term confuse you,  pregnant women can experience this queasy feeling any time of day, its terrible! 

What exactly is Morning Sickness?

No one really knows what causes this ill feeling that pregnant women experience! But the awful queasy feeling can come on quickly from a smell or taste... or even just the thought of food! Did you know that between 50-85 percent of all pregnant women suffer from some type of morning sickness? Morning sickness usually begins around the 4th to 8th week of pregnancy and symptoms usually lasts up to the 16th week, although some may experience these feelings their entire pregnancy! For some women its a feeling that quickly passes, while for others it can be debilitating and interfere with their work and family life.

Now there is a new way to fight back against the horrible queasy feeling known as Morning Sickness.

Introducing B-natal!

B-natal is a Doctor Recommended Non-Prescription Vitamin Supplement for Morning Sickness!
 B-Natal is available in two forms.

*Green Apple-Flavored Lozenges (28ct)


* Cherry-Flavored TheraPops (28ct)

I had the opportunity to try the B-natal Green Apple Flavored Lozenges.

 When I first received the box in the mail I was curious to find out more. On the side of the box I found this information...

The easiest way to lick morning sickness!

B-natal is a non-prescription vitamin supplement that gives you just the right amount of vitamin B6 to help soothe the symptoms of morning sickness. Vitamin B6 is recommended by the leading academy of obstetricians and gynecologists for the relief of morning sickness so you can be confident that B-natal is the right choice for both you and your baby.

I have to admit that I was intrigued by the claims of the B-natal. Out of 3 pregnancies, I had HORRIBLE morning sickness with my first son. I was sick pretty much all day everyday and lost 15 pounds in the first 2 months I was pregnant. At that time I would have given anything to find a product that would have even eased the nauseous feeling I couldn't get rid of. I have also had friend who had to take prescription medications to keep themselves from getting sick, and at the same time worry about the effects that these medications were having on their babies. I was excited to check out B-natal for myself so I could share my experiences with my friends and family.

I opened my box of B-natal Green Apple-Flavored Lozenges and smiled when I saw the message on the inside of the box...

"Babies are such a nice way to start people." Don Herold

I thought that was a cute little surprise. B-natal was beginning to win me over already. I opened one of the lozenges because I had to taste it for myself. When a pregnant woman is experiencing morning sickness and is trying to fight their nausea by taking a supplement, said supplement has to taste good or it kind of defeats the whole purpose, right?

B-natal Green Apple Flavored Lozenges passed my taste test! I liked the flavor of the lozenge and thought it was somewhat similar to the taste of a green apple blow pop. There wasn't any type of vitamin or mineral taste like I somewhat expected.

We put B-natal to the ultimate test on my friend Melissa. The poor girl has the worst case of morning sickness I have EVER seen. She gets it with every pregnancy and ends up being prescribed the same anti-nausea medication that they give to cancer patients who are going through Chemo treatments. I figured if B-natal could ease her nausea, it would work for almost any woman... and it did! Within about 20 minutes of taking one B-natal lozenge she was feeling better and her normal queasy feeling had completely subsided and left her feeling good all day! That is an amazing accomplishment!

Directions for using B-natal Lozenges, taken from the box...

Take one B-Natal as needed to relieve morning sickness. Additional B-natals may be taken in 8 hour intervals. Do not take more than three B-natals in one 24-hour period.

B-natal Non-Prescription Vitamin Supplements for Morning Sickness have won my seal of approval!
The vitamin B6 in these lozenges work to provide relief from morning sickness and they taste good too! Each lozenge is individually wrapped and they are perfect to carry in your purse so relief is never far away.

B-natal is available for purchase at drugstores across the US and through many online retailers. Both the Green Apple Flavor Lozenges and the Cherry Flavored TheraPops cost an average of $15...which are well worth the money, when the relief they provide is priceless!

Would you like to find out more about B-natal product or find a retailer near you?


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  5. These are awesome! I really want to order some now for my sister who is currently going through horrible morning sickness. I love that they taste good and aren't just a pill you swallow as fast as possible.
    great review!

  6. I learned that supplementation of Vitamin B6 for expectant mothers may be necessary because many women suffer from B6 deficiency during pregnancy.

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