Thursday, May 13, 2010

Enchanted Potions with Lisa- Stardust Solid Perfume

 I am a fragrance FANATIC! I love all things that smell good whether it be perfume, lotions or bath products, candles and other home fragrance items... I am a fan of it all! I was excited to have the opportunity to work with Lisa Donley, an amazing representative/independent distributor of Enchanted Potions. She's introduced me to some fabulous products from the Enchanted Potions line that I have fallen in love with and I am excited to share with you!

First, let me tell you a little about the amazing products that Lisa sells from Enchanted Potions!

Enchanted Potions offers amazing homemade Bath and Body Products as well as Home Fragrance Products that are made fresh when ordered!
The variety of products offered is amazing! Here is just a few of the products available...

Cosmic Body Lotion

Soap Bars

Stardust Solid Perfume
 Smelly Jelly 

 Sachet Envelope

Fairy Lip Balm

Hand Gel

Body Scents

Starlight Bath Bubbles
 Dryer Sachets

Shea Butter Soap Bars

 And there are SO many more! If you think that their product list is amazing, just check out their scent list! It's unbelievable, and I promise that there is something for EVERYONE!  

I love that with Enchanted Potions with Lisa you can order the perfect product in the perfect scent!
Enchanted Potions products are not only amazing, but they are affordable too! Who doesn't love a great product at a great price?

Right now you can also save 10% off your order with a special code listed on

Check it out!

When it came time to choose product from Lisa, I was in heaven! Like I said, I love fragrance and I wanted to try everything! One of the first products I tried from Enchanted Potions with Lisa was the Stardust Solid Perfume in their Hula Hula scent.

About the Stardust Solid Perfume, taken from

Wear your favorite scent and easily carry it with you.
 Our 1/4 oz. Stardust Solid Perfect to toss into your purse, gym bag or desk drawer.
Fragrant and Long Lasting!

I was excited to experience Hula Hula fragrance which was explained as...

Hula Hula - A delectable blend of Pineapple, coconut and Mango.

 This sounded like a winning combination to me!

The Stardust Solid Perfume comes in a tube similar to the kind that lip balm comes in. To apply you just open the lid and rub on your wrists and neck, or anywhere else you desire! Its fabulous! After applying your skin doesn't feel greasy like I suspected it would. All that is left on your skin is the amazing fragrance of your choice! 

The Hula Hula fragrance is wonderful! Think of the sitting on the beach with a tropical cocktail in hand. This is the amazing fragrance of Hula Hula!
The scent of this product is long lasting, as has been my experience with all of the Enchanted Potions products I have tried.

So, you might be wondering how much this amazing product will cost? You won't believe it, but Enchanted Potions Stardust Solid Perfume is ONLY...


Can you believe it!

Through Enchanted Potions with Lisa you can find more amazing products like this for yourself or other women in your life. I guarantee you'll love their products just as much as I do.

To Order your own Stardust Solid Perfume or any other amazing Enchanted Potions products
visit Lisa's site at...

We will be featuring more amazing products from Enchanted Potions with Lisa in the coming weeks so stay tuned, and at the end of our Enchanted Potions with Lisa reviews, there will be an amazing giveaway so you can try some of these fabulous products for yourself!

For an early entry to the giveaway visit Lisa's Blog and become a follower and subscribe to her blog by email! This will earn you 5 extra entries in the giveaway!!!

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