Monday, April 26, 2010

Recycle Kyle & Global Green Pals Review

I love to find great new toys for my family! Since we've started our new approach to living a more Eco-concious lifestyle I have really taken an interest in Green Toys. This is how I came across the Global Green Pals.

 Global Green pals are a group of adorable dolls made for children. The Global Green Pals can be used as a teaching tool to show children ways they can help the Earth! Not only do the dolls help to show your children ways to save the planet, they are also made from natural and recycled materials and they donate part of each sale to a great cause too.

From the Global Green Pals website...

"Award-winning Global Green Pals are made with Oeko-Tex 100 certified organic cotton. Clothing and accessories are made with organic, natural and tested fibers and low impact dyes. Dolls are stuffed with 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic PET bottle stuffing. Each Doll comes with an imaginative character tag printed on recycled paper, using soy based ink that tells each character story and offers kid-friendly green tips on how to help the Earth. Don't forget, every time you purchase a Global Green Pal, you help the earth too, as a portion of every purchase supports earth-saving efforts around the globe via One Percent for the Planet!"

 I was lucky enough to receive one of their dolls, Recycle Kyle for review.

As soon as the package arrived from Global Green Pals my youngest son immediately took to Kyle! He had a new buddy that he just couldn't put down! I was impressed by the quality of Recycle Kyle and the amount of detail put into my son's new found friend! Recycle Kyle has wild yarn hair that your child can style. He is wearing a t-shirt that is tan in color and also carries a tan messenger bag. On both the bag and the t-shirt you will notice the universal sign for recycling. Kyle wears green short with "GGP" stitched onto the right pant leg. He also wears Green and White Shoes.

Recycle Kyle's facial features are sewn on and his eyes and smile are welcoming. You can see the care that went into making and designing this doll.

Tied to Recycle Kyles right Wrist is a large tag printed with Soy ink on Recycled Paper. It shows a picture of Recycle Kyle's animated image on the front and inside it has some background information on Kyle. The tag also has some great ideas for kids on things they can do to Save the Planet. I think that the Global Green Pals are the perfect tool to aid in teaching children about living Green and helping to take care of our planet and I also love that they are made with quality natural and recycled materials! Not only do Global Green Pals talk the talk of conservation and reusing, they walk the walk and make their products that way too!

I've fallen in love with Recycle Kyle as has my little man, and because we think Kyle is so great we've added Recycle Kyle and the Global Green Pals as one of....

BizziMommi's Top Toys and Children's Products of 2010

Check out to find out more about Recycle Kyle and his other Global Green Pals including...

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You can also find fun stories and updates about all the great things that these Green friends are doing for our planet. This is a great way to keep your child interested in doing things that are good for the Earth.

There is a Global Green Pal for every little one! Global Green Pals are available for sale on the website and right now you can get them for $25 which is $5 off the normal retail price. For more information or to pick out your own Global Green Pal, visit...


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  1. These dolls look so sweet I called Toys R us & they don't have them here I like the simple sewn look don't YOU ?

  2. @Birdson, we're available online check via Or you can order on our website

  3. So cute! Would love the Pani Rani doll for my daughter (so hard to find Indian dolls here, & we have family in India). Maybe next year -- my daughter's turning 2 & dolls are for 3 & up.

  4. I love these!!! I used to work with preschoolers and Kindergarten children in public and in private schools. I can see a real use for these dolls there...I would think all of them would have unit themes dealing with "going green", Taking care of the earth, or similar titles.

  5. @Darth Mama3. Sounds great! The dolls are for children 3+ so they can understand the message but are safely tested for 2 year olds. Thank you for you interest and check our our Pani Rani blog too at:

  6. Wow, these are so cute! And about the environment, too. I'd love to get Recycle Kyle for my nephew - maybe I will, one day.

  7. these are adorable. I need to get some of these for my nephew, he'd love them!