Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cahootie Review and Giveaway

Remember as a child making the fun folded paper fortune tellers and playing for hours with your friends? These fun little fortune tellers from the past have been taken to a whole new level for our children! Introducing...

Cahootie has made a fun little paper toy into a new imagative game for your tweens and teens! Cahootie has improved the fun fortune tellers with over 16 versions of the games including 4 new Animal Planet Cahootie's that boys can enjoy too!  Here is a list of all the Cahootie games...

For Girls
*Girl Wonders
*Best Friends Forever
*Girl Wonder
*My Fab Family
*Wishes and Dreams
*Sporty Girls
*Would You?
*Birthday Wishes
*My Fab Future
*Truth or Dare
*Party Pack-perfect for a birthday party! Contains 6 Cahootie!

Animal Planet Series
*Cats Rule
*Dogs Rule
*Endangered Creatures
*Sea Creatures

I recently had the opportunity to try a few new Cahootie products, and I couldn't help but wish that they were around when I was a kid. Each Cahootie is made with bright and colorful paper with fun illustrations on all sides of the game. The Cahootie is lamenated so it is made durable and it won't easily tear or break. Each Cahootie comes with 40 reusable sticker messages so you can change up the inside messages as often as you'd like!

The messages stickers for the inside of your Cahootie will vary depending on the cahootie, some are fortunes, Questions for you to answer, some are fun facts, others are things to do or talk about with your friends! You can really personalize your Cahootie with 40 different stickers to choose from!

Some of the examples sticker messages...

From the Truth or Dare Cahootie

"What's the nicest thing you've ever done for someone?"
"Sing loudly the silliest song your friends can come up with!"

From the Animal Planet Endangered Creatures Cahootie

"You will become a Marine Biologist and the world expert on whales!
"Chimps groom each others fur as a sign of affection. Groom someone's hair that you love!"

You play the game of Cahootie just like when you were a kid. You pick a side and move the Cahootie with your fingers and spell out the word found on the panel that you pick, they you pick another word and spell it out. Finally you open up the Cahootie and read your message! How fun! Directions for play are included with each product.

I loved making the little fortune tellers when I was a kid so I was really impressed with the Cahooties, and my boys really like the Animal Planet style. I love that using the Animal Planet designs, Cahootie can be a product that both girls and boys can enjoy!  Any tween or teen girl would love to play with a Cahootie with her friends! Cahootie is recommended for children 7 years old and up. I think this is mainly so the child has the ability to read and play the game correctly.

Cahootie is available at Hallark Stores nationwide, Learning Express and Justice. Target has also been carrying Cahootie products for Easter time and I hope that they continue to keep these products in there stores! Cahootie products are also available online at The suggested retail price is about $6.

Do you think that your kids would love Cahootie? I loved playing with the folded paper games when I was a kid, and after spending hours playing with the Cahootie with my kids I am impressed. My kids and I both love Cahootie so we are naming Cahootie as one of....

 BizziMommi's Top Toys and Children's Products of 2010!

Here is your opportunity to find out if your kids love Cahootie as much as mine do!

One lucky BizziMommi's Blog Reader will win their choice of either a Girl Wonder Cahootie for their daughter or one of the Animal Planet Cahootie's for their son! It's winners choice!

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Good Luck to everyone!


  1. From the clubcahootie site, I learned that their mission is promote esteem-building, conversation and postive self expression in tweens!

    As the mother of a 14yr old girl, I can attest that their mission is wonderful!

    Thanks for the opportunity!
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  7. These games are sold at Justice as well as Amazon.

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    Argh! The first thing I learned is that there is music when you first go to the website, and if your speakers are on loud it will darn near scare the pants off ya! :)

    I also learned that Cahootie supports Andre Agassi's organization for underpriveleged youth. That's cool!

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