Monday, April 12, 2010

Hold it Baby- On-the-Go Toy Organizer-My Sanity on a String!

Okay Mamas! You know when your precious little ones are riding in the stroller or car and decide to make a game out of throwing their sippy cup or toys on the floor just to see how many times you will pick it up?

Or what about when you're in a public bathroom and they decide its time to drop their toys on that dirty, nasty floor? Yuck!

Now, it is no worries with the Hold it Baby On-the-Go Toy Organizer! This simple yet "Must Have" creation has been the saving grace of my sanity on more occasions than I can count! The Hold it Baby keeps all of your child's things tethered to their stroller and keep them from hitting the yucky ground. No more games of pick up with baby! Now they can fish their toys up with the Hold it Baby.

The Hold it Baby keeps your child's toys and sippy cups from hitting the floor. You simply attach their toys to the lanyards with either the snap closure or the stretchy silicone bands and then attach it to the stroller, the shopping cart, carseat or high chair and you are good to go!

The Hold it Baby Toy Organizer is also great to throw into the diaper bag. All of your child's favorite things are already attached so you can just grab the tether and pull out what ever your child might need! The Hold it Baby can hold up to 6 items at once!

I received the Hold it Baby and was impressed immediately by the durability and quality of this amazing creation. I love that the lime green color of the Hold it Baby is perfect for both girls and boys! The Hold it Baby comes with it's own storage bag so you can store it when not in use.

The Hold it Baby is made to be used with adult supervision while your child is restrained to ensure your child's safety. Remember this toy is a combination of  long lanyards and if used unsupervised, a child could hurt themselves. This safety note was taken from the website...

SAFETY NOTE: Secure the connector to an immovable object that is at least five (5) inches below the child’s chin. The Hold It Baby is not a toy and should never be used by a child without an attending adult. Do not use this product in a crib, playpen, or port-a-crib. Do not use this product if your child is unrestrained. This product conforms to all government safety requirements (mechanical testing, toxicity, and flammability). This product is to be assembled by an adult.

I love using the Hold it Baby On-The-Go Toy Organizer when we are out and about. It is perfect to take everywhere! I have had so many people come up to me in the grocery store and ask me about it! Everyone is amazed at this little lifesaver and has to know where I got it!

The Hold it Baby is litterally my "Sanity on a String" and has helped this BizziMommi stay more organized and keep her cool when my little man has tried his best to make me lose my mind! I definitely recommend the Hold it Baby to any parent of babies and toddlers. You know that the Hold it Baby is just what you've been waiting for! For all these reasons we have named the Hold it Baby as a....

Top Toy and Children's Product for 2010

AS WELL AS... one of our

Best for Baby Products of 2010

Do you want to know more about what the Hold it Baby On-the-Go Toy Organizer can do for you?

Visit... for more information on the Hold it Baby On-The-Go Toy Organizer, and you can even purchase your own right there on the site.


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  2. Huh, these are cool! I don't have any relatives who are quite young enough for this, but I'd love to give something like this at a Baby Shower, if one comes up. I'll keep it in mind.