Monday, April 19, 2010

Hairy Kids- All Natural Childrens Haircare

I have been looking at the products that my family uses more closely lately. There are so many chemicals in the everyday products we use, and many of them I can't even pronounce! I often wonder if these chemicals are harmful to my boys and so I've been looking for all natural alternatives. One of the products I've had the opportunity to try and have come to love is...

Hairy Kids All Natural Children's Haircare products come in 4 great varieties including Seaside, Tropical, Lemonade and Unscented. Let me tell you now, they are all fabulous and have their own great properties. Each of the product lines offer a Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash/Bubble Bath and Styling Gel.

Seaside- Seaside has a soothing, calming scent reminding us of days spent along the seashore - fresh and relaxing, leaving a light scent on hair and body. Seaside shampoo and conditioner are good for Normal to Dry hair.

Tropical- a vibrant burst of fruity and floral infusions - very refreshing, leaving a light scent on hair and body. Tropical shampoo and conditioner are good for All hair types.

Lemonade-  refreshing and invigorating, leaving a light lemon scent on hair and body. Lemonade shampoo and conditioner are good for Oily to Normal hair.

Unscented- Our Unscented line was developed for those with special sensitivities, or for those who just want an all natural fragrance/scent free alternative - Nature's finest! The Unscented shampoo and conditioner are good for All hair types. (Safe for infants)

Hairy Kids All Natural Children's Haircare products are perfect for the whole family!

Hairy Kids All Children's Haircare products are...
*dye free
*fragrance free
*paraben free
*gmo free
*sodium lauryl sulfate free
*essential oil scented
*all natural preservatives
*recyclable bottles
*ph balanced
*fair trade
*not tested on animals
*made in Canada
*an unscented product line anyone can use
*certified highest quality ingredients
*adults can use it too!

Hairy Kids products are the perfect alternative to the childrens hair care products full of chemicals and processed ingredients. With Hairy Kids, your kids hair will smell great, be moisturized and have a healthy shine! My sons really enjoy using their Hairy Kids products in the shower. My oldest son has a sensitive scalp and has had flaking since he was little. We have tried many different products over the years but have never found results that we'd been pleased with. After only 2 shampoos using Hairy Kids products, his scalp is less irritated and his flaking has completely disappeared! These products are AWESOME, and this Mommy is hooked!

I've even tried these amazing products on my own hair and have been so pleased with the results. I love lemon, so the Lemonade products are this Mommy's favorite! My hair feels so soft and silky after using Hairy Kids, I love it!
Want to learn more about these fantastic All Natural Haircare products for children?

Visit for more information on all of the amazing Hairy Kids All Natural Haircare products. While you're there, pick up a few products for your family to try!


  1. Thanks for the review on this hair care product for kids!! BTW< I've got an award for you over at my place. Stop by and pick it up when you get a chance.

  2. Sounds great! I really like the "not tested on animals" part.

  3. Lemonade does sound wonderful and I like that it's not tested on animals. I hate being compared to a rat!

  4. I'll have to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I would love to try this! It sounds wonderful!

  6. How great that this stuff is all natural. I'd love to try it, especially the tropical kind. I'm sure it smells heavenly!

  7. Take a look at TruKid products. They have multiple products that are completely natural. They use nothing fake or artificial. I recommend them to everyone!