Friday, April 23, 2010

The SAD Truth...

I had some really exciting things planned for BizziMommi's Blog this week, but as you can see... Things just didn't work out. WHY?

The Hard Drive on my computer went BAD!!!!

Yup, your read it right. I lost so many pictures and documents I had written for upcoming reviews and giveaways, and now I have had to start from scratch...

So, that's the Sad, SAD truth.

But, the good news is... I am up and running on a new computer so you can expect to see some of those exciting things coming this weekend and through next week too! We've got more reviews of fabulous products coming as well as AMAZING giveaways! Starting tonight, I'll be busy getting everything ready to go!

There's a lot to look forward to so keep checking back, and as always thanks for supporting my site!


  1. Oh, man, I feel for you. This just happened to my brother last month, and though he had a external hard drive so he didn't lose everything, he still lost about a week's worth of stuff, including his in-progress tax return. :-(

    I'm sorry that you're going to have to rewrite everything. I'm glad you've got a new computer, though!

    If you're looking for way to back stuff up and don't want to buy an external harddrive, I recommend - it's what I use. They have a free 2 GB option (not enough to back up much, but great for backing up really important stuff):

  2. Good luck with your new computer. I tend to keep copies of important stuff on my laptop and my desktop that way I won't loose everything if one goes down. Take care and have a great weekdend.

  3. Not much worse than a hard drive crash.. been there.. Love your attitude.


  4. I know this post is old but I just have to tell you how much I sympathize with you! This happened to me last week and i'm going CRAZY. My computer holds my life together (unfortunately i'm not joking) and when it doesn't cooperate, it's soo frusterating.