Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mixing it up! Another announcement!

Happy Easter weekend!

I hope everyone gets to spend some quality time with their family and friends!

 I wanted to let everyone know that Going Green and Living Healthy is continuing, but we are also going to be starting 2 new promotions right away! 

We will be having...

Top Toys and Children's Products 2010

as well as

Best for Baby 2010

We have some great things lined up for the BizziMommi's Blog readers!
 You're going to get the opportunity for find out about some great new products for your children as well as have the chance to win some for your own family!

I am so excited to share all of the great things I have found, and I think you'll love these  amazing products as much as I do! Each review or Giveaway I do will have a listing at the top of the post announcing which promotion the products go in! You'll find that a good bit of the items being featured fit into more than one category which is what made me decide to start posting all of these other great features!

Stay tuned for the latest and greatest from BizziMommi's Blog!

 As always thanks for visiting and supporting my site!

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